Transparent Corporation Product Comparisons
Mind Work Station, Neuro Programmer 3, Mind Stereo
Feature Comparison Chart
Mind Work Station
Neuro-Programmer 3
Mind Stereo
Brainwave Entrainment
Member's Area Access
Binaural Beats
Isochronic Tones
Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta Protocols
Session Editing / Creation
Background Sounds
(MP3, WAV, etc.)
White Noise
(also Brown, Pink, etc.)
Screen Flashing
Multiple Tracks
Affirmations / Suggestions
Audio Modulation
(embedding brainwave entrainment into sound)
AudioStrobe Compatibility
(MindPlace Products - Procyon, Proteus etc.)
Advanced Visual Plugins
Plays CD Directly
Echo Reverberation Effects
Internet Radio
Mini Mode, Tray Mode, TaskBar Docking
DRM Support
(napster, copy-protected WMA files, etc.)
Text to Speech
Microphone Recording
Hypnosis Scripting
Export to WAV, MP3, OGG
Biofeedback Support
Extensive Documentation
Professional Session Editor
Node / Block Snapping
Advanced Biofeedback Support & EEG Driving
Pitch / Tempo Adjustment Effects
Unlimited Undo / Redo
Enhanced Neural Stimulation Methods
Waveform Display for Sound Files
3D Sound
Ambience Generation
Piano Controls
Expression /  Formula control of brainwave entrainment
Randomization Features
(including a wizard)
Session Logging
Advanced Waveform Control
Ability to change session while playing
Advanced Audio Modulation Tools
Advanced Sound Effect Features
Advanced Node Features
(splines, steps, looping etc.)
Band-Pass Filters & Low / High Pass Filters
Microphone Recording while playing
Programmable / .NET plugin interface
Export graphing data to Excel, XML, Images and other formats
Graphing Tools
(plotting biofeedback and entrainment data on 3D or 2D charts)
Real-Time Console Tool
(for Therapists)
With Enterprise Edition
With Professional or Enterprise Edition
With Ultimate Edition
With Professional or Enterprise Edition
With Professional or Enterprise Edition
With Enterprise Edition
With Enterprise Edition
BioExplorer, BioGraph and BioEra Support
NP3 Editions
MWS Editions
Mind Stereo
While many features of this software (MWS, NP3) can be used without any additional equipment, you will need a AudioStrobe decoder and a set of lightframes, such as what you get with the Procyon or Proteus, in order to enjoy an AVS session.

You'll want a biofeedback machine such as the ThoughtStream in order to  get the full benefits out of a biofeedback session.

If you already have the hardware and wish to just buy the software, you can do that from this page. If you wish to save money - check out our bundle deals (click here).
Brainwave Entrainment Software
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