Ruby/Emerald GanzFrame Light Glasses with Micro LEDs
Proteus controls two color output channels in real time! This means that relaxation frequencies can be set to soothing green, while energizing frequencies are the appropriate red. We deliver the system with superbright “emerald green” and “ruby red” LEDs, and ruby/sapphire GanzFrames are available as an option.
PC Connection
Connect your Proteus to your computer and transfer new programs into the system with the included USB cable.
Free Session Creation Software
Download our free Proteus Editor program from and create your own sessions, edit audio waveforms (including single and dual binaural beats), modify pre-existing programs or download new programs from our forum.
Improved AudioStrobe Compatible Decode Circuitry
New circuitry for a more subtle and expanded experience when playing AudioStrobe Cds and those using a similar encoded format. 
Included in your Proteus package:
Proteus console
MultiColor LiteFrames™ with emerald and ruby lights
Stereo Headphones
Audio Patch Cord
Instruction Manual
AudioStrobe® Sampler CD
Carry Case
USB Cable
$ 189.00

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