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NOTICE: An AVS machine employs natural forms of sensory stimulation. While these machines can be used as a complimentary tool in addition to medical treatment, they are not a substitution for medical treatment.

If you are sensitive to flickering lights or have any kind of seizure disorder, this machine may not be a good fit for you. Please check with your doctor before using.

Release from Liability: The purchaser is fully aware that any of our AVS machines are considered experimental devices that provide audio and visual stimulation. Because it's experimental, the purchaser understands that The Mindplace Company (or AACT) is not certain that it is suitable for all applications or users, each of whom may be affected differently by the devices because of individual physical and emotional makeup. Persons who have a history of seizures, hallucinations or other physical or mental problems should use the AVS machine only under medical supervision.

The term "AVS Machine" refers to any light and sound stimulation machine such as the Procyon, Proteus or Sirius.
Brainwave Entrainment Software
Kasina MMS (see details)

Procyon AVS
(see details)

Proteus USB (see details) 

These portable (AVS) audio visual stimulation (light and sound machines) come loaded with 49 programs that span the entire range of brain entrainment goals. In addition, both machines are programmable allowing the user to modify or design their own programs. They are also AudioStrobe compatible which allows the user an infinite number of program choices, especially if used with TC Software such as NP3 or MWS.

ThoughtStream Biofeedback (see details)

The ThoughtStream is a portable biofeedback unit that can be used alone or with Mental Games, NP3 or MWS.  When you use your TS with NP3 or MWS, you can benefit from the Bio-Optimization feature of this software which allows you to monitor the results of any of the software's entrainment programs. For more details on the features of the TS, NP3 or MWS, please click on the product links.

Neuroprogrammer 3 (NP3) -   (see details)

Mind WorkStation (MWS)(see details)

This software is user friendly and loaded with features that add enormous value to your AVS, Biofeedback or EEG machine. The NP3 is an awesome program geared towards the average user and is loaded with guided meditations, preset programs and the ability to modify the programs to better suite your tastes. The MWS program is absolutely incredible because of the amount of features this program offers.

This software can be used without an AVS machine, however, some of what I think are the best features, such as Audiostrobe and Bio-Optimization would be disabled.
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