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Compact Full-Color Personal Display
New GanzFrame™ design uses state-of-the art surface mounted solid state optocelectronic emitters which generate and mix pure, red, green and blue light. With 255 brightness levels for each color, there are literally millions of colors to choose from.

Ganzfeld Feature
A "ganzfeld" is a field of pure color which does not flicker. The colors can transform into another hue at any rate you choose. This feature is ideal for meditation.

Independent Color Channel Programming
Each color channel (red, green, blue) can be assigned its own brightness and frequency, for creation of complex visual effects and mind states.

Large Internal Program Store
There are more than 1500 segments, which can be divided between 250 sessions, stored in internal flash memory.

USB Port
Transfer new sessions onto your Procyon, update the operating system and back up your current sessions to your PC. You can control the Procyon in real-time from your PC or biofeedback system.

Digital Audio Input/Output
Another Procyon first: low-noise, compact-disc quality audio, for more precise control of internal and external audio mixing and virtual elimination of "clicking" from lights.

Internal Audio Synthesizer
This feature allows you to create binaural beats that are locked to the frequency of one of the three color channels.

This powerful, new function synchronizes audio content on encoded compact discs with internally stored sessions. The experience is similar to AudioStrobe®, only in full color.

AudioStrobe® Compatible
Play your legacy AudioStrobe encoded Cds by selecting this function.

Multiple Visual Waveforms
Choose from pulse, sine or triangle.

Multiple Visual Effects
Phase-shifting creates a constantly changing, complex range of colors, while pulse-width-modulation creates "hard-edged" visual effects. Mix flicker with ganzfeld for subtle "shimmering" effects!
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