Brainwave Entrainment Software
Mind WorkStation (MWS)
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NEW - Professional Editor Software for the Kasina

Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Harmonic Box X and more:

All popular brainwave entrainment methods are supported.

Sound Filtering:
Sounds and playlists can be used directly as carriers for brainwave entrainment by using complex audio filters. Using all-new features, this can be done without distorting music.

Audio Strobe:
AudioStrobe is integrated, making MWS compatible with every AS device.

Right / Left Hemisphere Stimulation:
Built in features make it easy to stimulate the left and right cerebral hemispheres individually.

Random Stimulation:
Extensive randomization features let you randomize brainwave frequency, times, phase, intensity, pitch and more.

Control Frequencies in Real-Time:
Control the stimulation in real-time (as the session is playing and the client is listening).


EEG & Biofeedback Driven Stimulation:
A range of EEG and biofeedback devices can be used to actually drive the brainwave stimulation.

Connect to Multiple Devices:
MWS supports a wide range of both personal and professional biofeedback devices.

Gather Data and Information From Biofeedback for Research:
Use data collected from biofeedback and EEG devices as an aid in research.

On-Screen Visual Feedback:
The screen display features can be used as a feedback mechanism and on-screen visualizations can act as a biofeedback game.

3D & 2D Graphing:
Powerful graphing features allow you to easily chart any part of the session, including data received from biofeedback devices.

Export to XML, HTML, Text & Excel:
The graphed data can be exported to common data formats.


Screen Flashing:
Use the computer screen to stimulate the brain.

Choose from hundreds of visual plugins which can be used for their hypnotic properties, as a feedback mechanism for biofeedback, or "pulsed" to provide a subtle form of brainwave entrainment.

Color Display:
Colors can be displayed on screen and even changed (ramped) as the session progresses.


Sound, Playlists:
Add unlimited sound files to any session and place them anywhere on the timeline.

Randomly Generated Content:
Generate unique audio soundscapes such as forests, beaches, crystal bowls or wind chimes. The best part about this type of content is that it is different every time you use it.

Piano Controls:
Use the piano controls to harmonically arrange tones for special types of stimulation, or simply to create a more pleasant session.

Microphone Recording:
Recording capabilities, including noise reduction, are included. Live recordings can be played directly through the headphones or speakers as the recording is ongoing.

Synthesize audio speech from text.

Export to MP3, OGG or WAV. Compressed exports are automatically configured for brainwave entrainment purposes based on the content of your session.


Editing Flexibility:
Controlling frequencies, waveform, intensity, phase and every other aspect of the stimulation.

Use mini-programs called engines to implement custom formulas, data sets, randomization and algorithms.

For Programmers:
Program directly through an innovative Microsoft.NET plugin interface.

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