The following are links to sites that contain lots of good information, relevant to AACT and some personal favorites as well:

Mindplace - We are the Canadian Distributors for them.

Mindplace Support Site
- wonderful site for all kinds of information and technical support. A must see!

Brain Science Pod Cast
- speaks for itself. - good for looking up research

Transparent Corp - Transparent is the premier developer of neural stimulation, mental training and biofeedback software.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre - Awesome organizes that rehabilitates  and releases (recovered) wildlife back into the wild. Great work , please see my Charity page.

Sam Harris - neurologist/neuroscientist - author of books and perhaps a bit controversial.

Science Daily
- Site is filled with great information and tips. - Resources & Information for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Eleanor Stein MD - Specializes in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Good articles and excellent book.

Bulk Supplements - Excellent prices and quality. Try the Noopept!

Canadian Protein - Good prices and excellent quality protein shakes.
Please Note: I will only do link exchanges for appropriate sites - ones that have products or information that relates to the brain or mind.
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