Kasina Mind Media System


A new 6 channel encoding system utilizes control signals enbedded in music or audio tracks which control the lights in the GanzFrames.

Your Kasina comes with 47 factory SpectraStrobe   sessions.

Can play Binaural and Isochronic beats.

Advanced Ganzframes
- More LEDs - 6 per side, 12 total.
- Evenly balanced colors using multiple LEDs per color
- 255 possible shades of each color (red, green, blue)
- Left and right control possible
- Can adjust brightness of each color

Enhanced AudioStrobe Decoder
Allows 16 different color mappings as opposed to the regular 2.

Color Organ Feature
Enjoy a colorful light show with any music that has a beat.

- 6 Different settings which allow you to match the mood of your music.

Internal MP3 Player
Upload your favorite music. Supports MP3 and WAV file formats.

8 GB Micro SD Card Included
A removable Micro SD Card that allows unlimited expansion.

Contains the following files:
SpectraStrobe - 47 factory sessions
AudioStrobe - 6 sessions
KBS - Kasina basic sessions (includes the MindPlace Sirius sessions converted to KBS). Editing software, for Mac or Windows)
Color Organ - 2 music files which allow you to demo the color organ. You can add more of course!
Docs - Quick Start Manual
Kasina - prepared to work with Transparent Corp's software - Mind Work Station and NP3 (coming soon).

Professional Features
Adjustable countdown which allows clients time to get settled before session starts.

Adjustable external/internal audio balance.

MWS can be used to author professional quality SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe sessions

Fully Programmable
The Kasina comes with a basic editor which allows you to create simple sessions. To utilize the advanced features of the Kasina, we recommend  that you purchase MWS which has programming features unique to the Kasina. (To help reduce the cost, we offer bundled deals).

Drag and drop files on to Kasina in Mac or Windows.

Ability to easily reset factory defaults.

Other Features include:
2 year warranty on console and 1 year warranty on accessories.

Play sessions from your Micro SD Card or computer (via USB), PC, Mac, and from your iPod or other MP3 player via external audio input.

Your Kasina ships with the following:
- Kasina Console
- New 12-LED GanzFrames
- Earbud Headphones
- USB Cable
-Power Supply (includes adaptors for North America & Europe)
- Stereo Patch Cable
- Micro SD Card and SD Adaptor
- Soft Carry Case
- User Guide

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