Creating a self hypnosis CD is fairly easy. There are a few factors that you want to keep in mind as you write your script.

First, it may be helpful to write out what you want to accomplish through your self-hypnosis script. Do these in point form because you need to know what you want your message to be even though you will be rewriting it later. 

You may start with a statement of intent (what you want) and then list all the reasons why you want it and how you want to achieve it. This is the skeleton of your script.

Although the wording of the script is important, there are some things that you first need to know about how the subconscious processes information so that you later write your script accordingly.

Things to know about the Subconscious (s/c) and Hypnosis:

The s/c only understands positive language.

The s/c can not reason. It takes all information you give it literally.

The s/c will work to provide you with supporting information from memory, experience and stored knowledge to back whatever you tell it - which is why it is important to always use positive language in self talk and self-hypnosis.  Even when you are not engaging in self-hypnosis, the s/c is there in the back ground working to support your thoughts - which is why it's very important to always think positive thoughts.

The s/c likes rhythm and rhymes which is why it's easy to remember songs and jingles.

When you are making your CD, speak in a rhythmic fashion (imagine talking in time to the sound of waves in the back ground, altering your tone slightly but keeping the cadence of your voice fairly low).

The s/c likes words that end in "ing" and "ly" so use them when possible.

The s/c likes metaphor and stories.

The s/c learns by repetition.

You can not program the s/c to change something you do not believe is possible. Having said that though, if you want to believe it, act as if you do believe it and eventually you will. That's the back door way.

Keep the language simple.

Make your script believable.


Write out your idea for your script.

Use positive language and write what you want, how you will accomplish it and how will you know when you have succeeded.

Begin to work on your script taking into account what you have just learned about the s/c mind and hypnosis.

Keep it simple and keep it believable.

These are just a few basics, enough to allow you to write a pretty good script for self-hypnosis. If you find this sort of thing fascinating, you may want to look into taking a course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as this goes into way more detail concerning how the brain works and language.

If you have any further questions, you can email me at  or write a message in our forum in the discussion section.
Creating a Self-Hypnosis CD
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