Ayrmetes is a consulting, import/export, wholesale and retail company that specializes in Neurotechnology.

AACT is the Canadian Distributor of Mindplace products and Authorized Dealer for Transparent Corporation Products.

Let us give you a bit of company history:

In 1997 when Ayrmetes was first started, the main focus of the company was in the area of Event and VIP Security Coordination, Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention detection, publishing, public speaking & training.

In 2000, Marisa took her NLP certification training and added a counselling & coaching element to the company.

The final transition to the company occurred in 2003, when Marisa began working closely with Mindplace, an innovative AVS technology company located in the United States. In 2004, Ayrmetes became the Canadian Distributor for The Mindplace Company and this year (2012) we became an authorized dealer for Transparent Corp, a company that creates software programs that compliment Mindplace products.

As you can see, the company has evolved and branched out into some very diverse areas - yet all these areas share a common component, a common link and that link is the Mind. Whether it be crime detection, profiling, coordinating security for celebrities, management training or counselling - knowledge of how and why the mind works in a particular way is key to developing and implementing a successful strategy.
Below is some further information about our company. For ease of reading, we have formatted it in a FAQ format:

What does the word "Ayrmetes" mean?

Ayrmetes means "Hermit"

Specifically it modified spelling of the English transliteration from the Greek word (ereemeetees). It's pronounced "air-meet-eze".

Is there a relevance behind choosing the name "Hermit" for your company?

Absolutely! The Hermit signifies wisdom and the quest for knowledge.

How long have you been in business?

Ayrmetes was founded in 1997

What is Advanced Cognitive Technology (ACT) or Neurotechnology (NT)?

It is a accruement of brain science, technology, psychological and neurological techniques and knowledge that is related to improving cognitive function, state of mind and quality of life.

Do you provide courses in ACT or NT?

While we have not developed a specific course in this area of study we have contributed information to other educational facilities & company's educational programs.

Who are your customers?

We have worked with a variety of businesses and individuals on both the consulting/educational level as well as wholesale and retail level.
Company History
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